Mother Earth and Father Sky. Desert landscapes to jungle medicine fractals. Ceremonial earth magic. Hand beaded sunsets from the heart of Lemuria. The embodiment of nature, true craft, and patience. This is Daughter of the Sun. A reflection of Native American and indigenous culture everywhere, Amy Woodruff presents a collection of artistry that fully embodies her passion for intricate detail and natural beauty. With native ancestral roots of her own, it is no wonder Amy has been able to bring to us jewelry with a native spirit that embodies aesthetic richness and historical integrity, much like her ancestors.

Celebrating some of the most precious gifts of our Mother Earth, from rainbow crystal gems to the sacred skin of the deer, each piece is rendered in complete gratitude for all life everywhere. Each of Amy’s pieces have a spiritual, cultural and environmental appeal, derived out of this respect for her surroundings. She is constantly honing her craft studying with indigenous teachers and expanding her creativity from her travels throughout the world. Through her dedication to cultivating her own inner flame and a heart-centered awareness, her handmade manifestations reflect this sacred process. From the ancient remembrance of universal beauty her pieces remind us that everything evolves from the pure essence of true love.